Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cosmo Voxbox 2012

So thanks to my continuous need to share my every opinion when it comes to any and all beauty products, and the awesome people over at Influenster.com who not only provide a place to voice them- but actually reward you for doing so; I was super excited when I had been selected to receive my 1st ever Voxbox!

The Voxbox, is basically a random free box of little goodies that are usually based around a general theme, that the folks over at Influenster.com provide to their members, and is selected upon the amount and type of products that the member provides feedback on, under the pretense that the receiver is willing to respond to assigned "tasks" and provide their opinion about the items found in the box.

Conclusion~> Who doesn't like a surprise little box of free stuff??! Certainly not me :)