Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wall Decal by RoomMate's ---> Tips, tricks & How To Hints

RoomMate's Peel & Stick Wall Decal Detailed Instructions & Tips
Well, September has arrived, and along with it has come a very somber state of mood for me, as reflecting upon the past year has unfortunately brought me both strife, and exhaustion.. However, with this somber state, I've also gained a need to adjust my surroundings accordingly, and the first of set of several current attempted re-decorating, and DIY organization projects is officially complete, hooray!

The best news? I did it for only $10 using a Room Mate's brand wall decal that can be purchased at most Wal-Mart or Target stores (as seen in the photo below- please excuse the nail polish swatches on the side, lol.) that with a little time and patience, is super easy and gives your entire room renewal with a bang.

Because I found the directions a bit lacking and vague, here's a few tips if you are considering this idea for your own home :) along with my final product results compared to the image sold in the photo.

Supplies Needed
Electrical or Masking Tape 
Duster or Swiffer Duster (Also can use a separate dry rag) 
Wet & Dry Rag (Or similar product such as Magic Sponge & Paper Towels)
Measuring Tape - If uncertain or desired. 

Not So Quick Before You Stick!
Although oh so tempting, try and place your wall decal when you've got a quiet moment, or even quiet moments, set aside to follow the steps as shown below.

Preparing & Pre-Placement 

(1.) Select where you are going to place your decal - Prospect where you where place your wall decal by both decor and furniture surrounding that wall. Keep in mind that depending on what image you decide on, the required dimensions must be adjusted, and that if you are decorating a small child's room you assure that it is not placed in their direct reach or subject to becoming a choking hazard.
NOTE: This particular product does not have a specified on the box, and is able to be adjusted in pattern placement if you'd like. I tried to follow the photo's pattern for the most part, and my finished product was 28in. in total Height x 52in. in Length. 

(2.) Clean the area before placement- It's important that you remove all dirt and debris from the area of placement to ensure that your wall decal has longevity and sticks properly. I prepared by swiffering the wall, then wiping it down with a wet Magic Sponge, and drying with paper towels. 

(3.) Carefully cut out pieces for your pattern- Most wall decals come with separate pieces, and will require you to cut out each piece individually. TIP: For the best success, I suggest you cut around the pieces closely, leaving out a bit of extra space on the clear part of the sticker to ensure you place them properly as described in step 5 below. 

(4.) Select Layout- Whether you are following the suggested pattern or making your own, the best way to ensure your results is to go to an area with a bit of clear floor space and laying out the entire image as you'd like to stick it on your wall out on the floor. TIP: If you are having difficulty seeing the pieces coming together to recreate the image shown in the photo, try and start by finding the pieces in a particular single line, area or cluster. For example, in the wall decal I selected, I began by singling out the particular pieces needed to recreate the top 'branch' line first, followed by the bottom 'branch' line, and choose to place the leaves last once the primary image was in place. 

(5.) Pre-Placement- You are almost there, and about to have a beautiful image on your wall! In order to secure the size and straight structure of your decal before you start picking and sticking, tape it just as you plan to place it up on your wall piece by piece. NOTE: It is very important that you only place the tape on the clear part outside of the actual sticker, otherwise you will risk having it permanently stuck to your actual decal or possibly damaging your decal attempting to remove it. 

(6.) Measuring It Up (*Optional*)- If you are trying to achieve a straight line, or have parts that are not touching each other that you want to align, take a moment to make sure you have all the pieces pre-placed in the appropriate place. 

(7.) Place Your Decal- It's finally time, are you ready?! Begin on one side removing 1st the taped up piece, and replacing it with the actual sticker on your wall adjusting it accordingly and then carefully securing it in place with either your hand, or a flat object to smooth it over starting from either top to bottom, or from one side to the other horizontally. Once certain that the 1st piece is fully secured, move on to the next, and so on. TIP: If you're creating an image with winding, or connecting line pieces like the example wall decal that I choose, make sure that the two ends meet and connect to each other without lines or any separation showing to the best of your ability. 

Hopefully your own wall decal turns out as lovely as I think mine did :)



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